Walking the Trails of Newmarket and East Gwillimbury

Written by Melanie

For the first time, this past year East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy started pole walking groups (two levels) lead by a certified Urban Pole walking instructor and Registered Physiotherapist.  The East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy Urban Pole Walking group explored some of the many trails in East Gwillimbury.  These beautiful nature walks show off some of what makes Newmarket and East Gwillimbury such a great area to live in.  We pole walked the Anchor Park Trail, the Holland River Trail as well as Roger’s Reservoir.

Urban pole walking is a great way for people of all levels of physical ability to get out and get a great workout.  The poles enhance the work of your core muscles, provide additional stability, increase your upper body strength, decrease the ground force through your feet, knees and hips, and increase your calorie burn, among other benefits.  It is a great way to get back to exercise post-surgical rehabilitation, post automobile accident, with Osteoarthritic joints, post-neurological injury, during a weight loss program, or amidst injury rehabilitation from pain if your Physiotherapist and Doctor deem it appropriate.

Pole walking is, need I say, also appropriate for those who do not have pain or injury as it provides a great work out.  It is most important to just get outside and breath that fresh air and get your body moving, staying.active!  If you are interested in our next gathering for learning how to pole walk or to just join us for a walk please contact us and/or keep your eye on out calendar of events.  East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy has two locations in the heart of Newmarket and East Gwillimbury.

Here are the links to the trails map at the Town of East Gwillimbury website as well as the Town of Newmarket website: