Experts in Therapy

… Making a Difference

Unparalleled in Newmarket and the surrounding region.

Experts in Therapy

Your East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy treatment team are passionate about providing quality care to our patients.  Our team is unparallel when compared to other Newmarket Physiotherapy clinics.

  1. We do not double book
  2. We do not replace the Physiotherapist with support staff
  3. We do not rely heavily on modalities that give only temporary relief
  4. We book only two Physiotherapy treatments per hour
  5. We believe in patient empowerment and education to prevent injury
  6. We provide extensive one on one time with our patients regardless of whether you pay out of pocket, are covered by a private insurance or have a WSIB or motor vehicle accident claim. Click Here
  7. We treat in a private, relaxing setting without any open concept or institutional feel

East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy is committed to providing Physiotherapy services held to a high standard of practice nationally and internationally.  Our staff have post graduate training that is respected worldwide ( and

For our patients this further sets us apart from other Newmarket Physiotherapy clinics to provide the highest standard of care for our patients, providing exceptional health outcomes.

East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy physios participate in mentoring both registered Physiotherapists and those students in training to become a registered Physiotherapist.  And continue to progress through further post graduate education