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Melanie is absolutely amazing. She always listens attentively to my issues with injuries and comes up with a good plan to get me back to my regular routine. She is very knowledgeable and very good at her job. She gives exercises to be done daily that supplement the weekly physio appointments. I would highly recommend that anyone come visit Melanie!

- Emily A.

Melanie is an amazing therapist. She is very professional, knowledgeable and caring. She helped me clear up my problem very quickly. I highly recommend Melanie to anyone who needs any type of physio therapy. I can’t say enough good things about her work.

- Cheryl C.

Over the past year and a half, I have experienced back, hip and ankle injuries and brought each of them to East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy. Melanie is very professional, caring, knowledgeable and experienced. She has played an important role in my recovery! She also has a very flexible schedule and is in a great location! I highly recommend Melanie!

- Frances C.

Melanie, very professionally, helped with my recovery. She is extremely knowledgeable and supportive, providing detailed instructions and explanations. I highly recommend Melanie for any physiotherapy needs! Location was safe and sanitized!

- Elizabeth H.

Highly recommend! I personally dealt with Melanie Konfe dealing with a shoulder injury. Her intelligence, approachable personality and commitment to helping me made the biggest difference with my road to recovery. Hours of operation were extremely flexible, and she worked according to my work schedule, which was such a blessing. Here’s to hoping no further injuries occur in my life (knock on wood), but if they do, I will absolutely 100% be visiting Melanie again! Thanks a million!

- Melanie M.

I first met Melanie after my spinal discs decided to start rupturing in 2004. She was fairly new to the profession, graduating in 2002, but I quickly learned she had been gifted with a special talent and professional excellence. After recovering enough that I no longer required regular physiotherapy sessions, I continued to maintain my core strength using many of the techniques I was taught by Melanie during my recovery. In 2010, as more of my discs continued rupturing and my spinal condition continued to deteriorate, I found myself, again in need of physiotherapy assistance. Though Melanie had moved on from the previous physio clinic, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to find her to work with me through my recovery. Over the past few years, with the many other disabilities I have been diagnosed with, Melanie has been able to adjust treatments as needed in order to treat my ever-changing condition. She understands the physical, mental and emotional aspects of her patients’ injuries and disabilities and works on providing as complete of a support system as she can offer. I would highly recommend for anyone in need of a physiotherapist to call East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy and ask for an assessment.

- Rebecca C.

Melanie is knowledgeable, personable and encouraging. She’s currently helping me navigate risk of lymphedema post-surgery and radiation. I feel confident with my care!

- Jess C.

Melanie is an excellent physiotherapist and goes above and beyond her scope of duty during treatment. I strongly recommend her services.

- Kerry M.

Melanie has helped me with a number of different issues over the years, and her advice and therapy plans have always led to my complete healing.

- Suzanne F.

I cannot say enough about Melanie. I went to her with a reoccurring back pain that I had for years with no one being able to help me. She assessed me, took her time, asked questions and physically examined me. Once she started treatment, I knew that this woman knew her stuff, and I loved the way she executed her therapy. She was so good that I didn’t have to see her for long. I still remember the exercises she had me doing between appointments, and they help me to this day. I have sent my daughter to see Melanie too, and once again, she was able to alleviate her pain. Melanie isn’t looking to have you see her for life. She is honest and actually is so good at what she does that you feel better right away and know that finally someone has gotten to the problem and is helping you! She is the best physiotherapist I have ever been to, and I recommend her hands down!

- Kim L.

Melanie is very knowledgeable, patient and compassionate in her provision of care. I highly recommend her services.

- Leanne S.

I’ve had repetitive strain injury for over 2 years now, and the last physio I went to would just get me in and out as fast as possible without long-term improvement. I’ve been seeing Aurelie for a couple of weeks now, and she’s already helped improve my RSI dramatically. She really knows her stuff, and you aren’t rushed like at the bigger places.

- Nick

It is not easy to find highly qualified practitioners to treat lymphedema. Melanie has specialized training and has provided excellent care. Printouts have been provided for at-home care. Referrals have been made for support garments. Appointments are easy to book outside of work hours. Melanie is professional, supportive and highly recommended.

- Barbara S.

Melanie is fantastic! She is very professional, understanding and motivating. I have a serious knee injury, and Melanie has been terrific in helping me recover and regain movement in my knee. She is very knowledgeable, and I appreciate that she is completely hands-on during the entire appointment. I am so glad I chose East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy for my rehabilitation. I highly recommend Melanie to anyone looking for quality physiotherapy care.

- Katie D.

Melanie is incredibly talented, knowledgeable and gentle. After seeing her about a hip injury for only a few weeks, my quality of life has improved. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with an injury. I always feel like she is prioritizing me even when I am one of many patients in a day.

- Jamie M.

I had rotator cuff issues and visited Aurelie at East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy. She is an amazing therapist. She explains, encourages, pushes, and gradually gets you to the ultimate range of motion. I strongly recommend this therapist to one and all when in need. Thank you, Aurelie. You are the best!!!!!

- Gloria C.

I have been seeing Melanie for three months now for continuous nerve pain in my neck due to deteriorating discs. Since I have suffered from this for some considerable time, I was very skeptical that physiotherapy would alleviate the burning pain, but Melanie was confident that she could help me, and she has. The pain has reduced considerably to the point that my medication has been cut in half. Each session with Melanie is one-on-one, and she reviews my weekly activities to pinpoint my weak points. While she is treating my physical problem, she takes into consideration my lifestyle and prescribes home exercises that I can maintain. I highly recommend Melanie to anyone who has been diagnosed with a similar ailment.

- Cathy L.

I have been seeing Melanie for vestibular physiotherapy. She has been very helpful in alleviating my vertigo and reducing the frequency of episodes. She is very easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and compassionate. I highly recommend her as a vestibular physiotherapist.

- Marzena C.

Mel is a professional and highly skilled physiotherapist whom I would recommend to anyone. As a person working in construction, I appreciate her support and wisdom that understands my context. While I could find others closer to home, I travel further for Mel’s insight and professionalism because it is worth the trip.

- Jason E.

I had been dealing with painful muscle spasms in my back for a few weeks before I finally decided to seek help. Because I live in Mississauga, I initially went to see a local chiropractor and then another physiotherapist. Neither were able to help — and this had me kind of worried. I heard about Melanie through a friend, but thought ‘what is she going to do that the others couldn’t?’ Plus, the fact that I would have to drive to her clinic all the way from Mississauga. I suffered for another week before deciding to make the trek. It took her about TEN minutes to pinpoint the cause. I couldn’t believe it. After just ONE session, I felt a difference. After TWO, I was virtually pain-free. And with an encyclopedic knowledge of human physiology, Melanie explained it to me in terms that even a knucklehead like me could understand. No doctor was able to do this. My only regret is not going to see her sooner. Melanie, you’re truly a credit to your profession. I can’t thank you enough.

- Sarp Y.

I was skeptical about going to physio. Aurelie has changed my mind completely. I’ve only been going just over a month, but her therapy and exercises have done wonders for my shoulder injury. I would definitely recommend this service and specifically Aurelie to anyone!!! Who knew someone so small could have the strength and personality to make such a difference? Thank you.

- Lisa C.

I highly recommend Melanie at East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy. She is caring, supportive and highly qualified. She has looked after my chronic health issues for a number of years, and I trust her knowledge and expertise.

- Shelley B.

Thank you, Melanie, for your professionalism and expertise. She solved my problem on first visit and followed up by giving very thoughtful advice. I highly recommend this caring and professional therapist.

- Ellie V.

Friendly, knowledgeable, professional and helpful. I would definitely recommend to anyone in need of a physiotherapist.

- Terry C.

The physiotherapy I received from Melanie was extremely helpful. Melanie was professional, knowledgeable and a good listener. She recommended exercises to support the weekly physio sessions, which I found to be very effective. I can now say that my ankle is completely and properly healed thanks to her assistance, and I’ve regained my mobility completely. Thank you, Melanie!

- Trinette K.

Melanie has been working with me for 2+ years after a severe knee injury. While doctors were unsure if I would regain mobility, thanks to Melanie’s superb work and excellent motivation, I regained full joint mobility and use. I cannot recommend Melanie enough. She is dedicated, caring and extremely skilled at her profession. I highly, highly recommend her services.

- Katherine D.

Major shoutout to Aurelie for nursing my knee back to health in no time! She was so knowledgeable and skilled in helping me heal after having injured my knee a few months back. I am so thankful to have found this place and receive the care that I did. I would highly recommend to anyone considering physio.

- Davina Z.

I was so glad to find East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy! Melanie has been my primary physiotherapist for over a year now. She made waiting for an inevitable hip replacement not only tolerable, but for the most part, pain-free and highly functional. After I had my surgery, my surgeon had suggestions of different clinics to use that he normally worked with in Toronto. I chose to stay with Melanie, and thank God I did. She understood how huge this was in my life. She went above and beyond. On the rare occasion that I had acute or unexpected pain, if Melanie wasn’t available, her partner made herself available, and she was also so helpful and just what I needed! As a professional healthcare worker myself, I can honestly say that I’m so grateful to have such a well-equipped, reliable, professional, and effective physiotherapy team to keep me healthy! Thank you, East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy!!

- Catherine F.

Following some testing to resolve serious issues, my doctor referred me to Melanie at East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy based on her specialized credentials. The results were very good and above my expectation. When I had a few other problems, she resolved these too. I have active children in rep sports who both needed physio care. We were very comfortable with Melanie, and she took great care of them.

- Rick H.

Melanie was kind enough to fit me in as her last appointment at the last minute when I was suffering from vestibular loss. She took her time in assessing my condition and explaining to me what was wrong. She was able to give me a more accurate diagnosis than what I had received from my physician and helped me get back to 100% very quickly. Very highly recommended!

- Megan S.

Melanie at East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy is highly knowledgeable and detailed. She worked to prepare me for shoulder surgery by strengthening it, and she is very detailed in my post-surgery recovery. She’s always on time and has hours during some days and some nights, so I’m always able to find a time that work with my schedule.

- Adam L.

I injured my left rotator cuff during a fall while skiing. I contacted East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy. Melanie directed me to have my doctor order an ultrasound to determine the full extent of the injury’s severity and to seek the doctor’s advice as well on how to proceed once that information is available. The tear was significant. My doctor recommended to proceed with physiotherapy rather than surgery. Melanie guided me through my recovery with a progression of prescribed exercises and with sound advice regarding how to manage my injury to avoid reaggravation and setbacks. I learned from my experience with previous injuries that I had better listen to her. And I did. Thank you, Melanie. I’m able to paddle again. And I plan to go skiing again this winter.

- Bob J.

I was hit with vertigo, and after 3 days in bed, found East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy with a Google search. Melanie found time for me within a day, whereas all other places could not see me for a week or more. She keeps spots open for just these types of urgent care situations because she understands the priority of supporting this type of illness successfully and immediately. Thank you, Melanie.

- Sharon K.

Melanie and Aurelie are both incredible and attentive. I highly recommend East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy for both injury rehab and preventative care.

- Sheryl P.

I have been a patient at East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy for about 2 years. The treatments I have received here are excellent. I would highly recommend this business.

- Lisa J.

Amazing. I went to Melanie after a slip and fall, barely able to walk. After one week, I noticed a big difference. I highly recommend this establishment.

- Sharon J.