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Compression garments and socks sleeves come in all shapes and sizes.

Compression garments and socks sleeves come in all shapes and sizes. These specialized, medical-grade materials are fashioned carefully to provide graded pressures to your arms, legs, and/or trunk, chest, and/or pelvis. The amount of graded pressure needed and knit of the garment can be determined by a combined decongestive physiotherapist, and your physiotherapist can then create a compression plan for treatment for your medical or non medical condition.

Our combined decongestive physiotherapist at East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy can answer your questions regarding whether compression garments and compression therapy would be right for your treatment and your goals or function.

Compression Garments in Newmarket, Ontario Do you have lymph arteriovenous circulatory needs for treatment or support optimisation? In other words, if you have a condition such as varicose veins, lymphedema, lipedema, filariasis, post-surgical care needs, post-cancer treatment, support needed as a cancer survivor, primary lymphedema, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Crohn’s Disease or other gastrointestinal ailments, postural orthostatic syndrome, or chronic swelling in a specific area or during pregnancy or post partum, you may benefit from therapy including compression garments.

Perhaps you need a non-medical or athletic compression garment to help your legs or arms feel lighter and promote fluid drainage during or after activity or participation in sports.

Compression therapy helps to maintain gains made during integrated lymphatic massage and exercise. Compression therapy can decrease the circumference of a swollen limb and help to manage the fluid at a level of balance for your body. Compression therapy prevents infection and hardening and fibrosis of the large proteins in a chronically swollen area or an area affected by lymphedema.

All excess interstitial fluid is handled via the lymphatic system, and compression therapy is a giant help but not a stand alone. In individuals with chronic lymphatic fluid drainage challenges, comprehensive lymphedema management is called for by a trained and certified professional, and a combined decongestive physiotherapist can work with you to create a management plan to treat your lymphedema thoroughly.

Please do not hesitate to contact East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy today to discuss how compression therapy could benefit you.

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