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A sports physiotherapist plans, organises and directs programs of pre-season screening, first aid, rehabilitation of sports injury, education regarding a sport injury and counselling of athletes, coaches and others concerned with sport and sport injury. A sport physiotherapist is qualified under the Sport Physiotherapy Canada post-graduate credential program which qualifies the physiotherapist to work at international level athletic events with top professional and amateur athletes. Check out for more details.

Sports Physiotherapy in Newmarket, Ontario

Who can benefit from sports physiotherapy?

All orthopaedic conditions, more specifically:

  • Post Concussion rehabilitation and return to activity screening
  • Return to sport from injury
  • Overuse or repetitive strain injury (tendonitis/osis)
  • Injury prevention/preseason screening
  • Sport specific injuries:
  • Running injuries
  • Swimming injuries
  • Soccer injuries
  • Gymnastic injuries
  • Arm, wrist, leg, ankle, rib fractures
  • Joint sprains
  • Muscle strains
  • Muscle contusion
  • Anterior cruciate ligament tear (partial or full)
  • Ligament tear
  • Patellofemoral syndrome
  • SI joint dysfunction
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Anterolisthesis

Are sport physiotherapists in every clinic in Newmarket and the surrounding region?

Sports Physiotherapy in Newmarket, Ontario

Sport Physiotherapist is not a protected title therefore any Physiotherapist can call themselves a Sport Physiotherapist. However, only approximately 150 Physiotherapists in Canada have a Diploma of Sports Physiotherapy and are accredited at this highest level for rehabilitation/etc. of sports injury. This level of Diploma is examined under the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s Sports Physiotherapy division using nationally standardised written and practical examination.

Sports physiotherapy works to optimize strength, flexibility, biomechanics, power, performance, and joint mobility through treatment.

Athletes, whether professional or amateur, are pushing their bodies to reach top performance and top capacity to beat a personal best or to play hard for the support of their teammates. Each athlete may represent a club or depend on their performance for income just like a worker at their job.

As such, it is important for athletes to be in top condition, to prevent injury, to overcome injury, and/or to be free of injury. And although injury is inevitable as athletes push their bodies to the limit and strive for better performance in their sport. Injury handled by a physiotherapist using sports physiotherapy techniques will rehabilitate function and/or restore previous function and help you return to your sport.

In addition, athletes being in tune with their body notice that, even in times when there is not sport injury or pain, there can be a lack of progression of mobility or flexibility or strength in certain limbs or techniques that mean a biomechanical analysis and analysis of strength and length tension and neural mobility and function can be beneficial. This is the physiotherapist’s area of expertise.

Sports physiotherapy works to optimize strength, flexibility, biomechanics, power, performance, and joint mobility through treatment.

A range of tools are used by physiotherapists to help an athlete attain their goals, and a team approach, health care, coach, and associated care team is important especially when it comes to successful return to sport. After injury and during injury rehabilitation, these tools are applied in a treatment plan to return to sport with time efficiency and in a safe manner.

Each athletes’ treatment plans will differ as per their sport, their biomechanics, their injury, and their goals and aspirations.

We at East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy would like to work with you to achieve your goals, whether that is through sports physiotherapy or one of our other services. We are here to serve the people of Newmarket, Ontario and the surrounding areas.