Physiotherapy for Low Back Pain and Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

Written by Melanie

Pain in the lower back, deep in the buttock, down the back of the thigh and in the groin and inner thigh can result due to hypermobility of the pelvis (and other joints).  In pregnancy this can result as the levels of the hormone relaxin increase the ligamentous laxity of the body in the first trimester of pregnancy (this is also related in part to increase in progesterone levels and decrease in collagen levels)

Women can often be left feeling quite depressed and awful dealing with the often severe and debilitating pain during an emotional time such as pregnancy.

Please note:  The pain onset will vary from woman to woman and not every pregnant woman will experience pelvic pain.

However, if you are experiencing these low back pain and/or leg pain symptoms, it is important to seek help from your General Physician and/or Obstetrician and Physiotherapist early on to slow down or avoid the progression of the pain.

A few things to cover with your Physiotherapist:

1.  Pain modulation – use of water aerobics/exercise as prescribed by your Physiotherapist and approved by your Obstetrician. As well as other safe options

2.  Stretching program

3.  Strengthening program

4.  Positioning – for sleeping, for lying, for activities of daily living

I, also, would suggest talking with your doctor about the use of a support for women in this situation.  The Belly Bra is one option to discuss.

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