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Activity in sport is so healthy, there are countless studies heralding the positive effects of exercise and being active in your daily living.  So much so that even the school boards in Newmarket, East Gwillimbury (York Region) incorporate 20 minutes of activities with the school students each day to promote healthy living.

Physiotherapists are here to help the population remain active.  Whether you are young or old, a professional athlete, an amateur, or a beginner we are here to facilitate pain free movement.

Sports injury and repetitive strain injury are a prevalent and virtually normal occurrence for those who are active in sport activities (or sit in an office all day).  Physiotherapists investigate the biomechanical causes of the injury, starting with closely listening to a patient recall the history of the onset of the injury.  When did the injury occur or begin?, is this the first injury of it’s kind? How did the injury occur?  Sometimes the events leading up to the injury are also, in part, helpful to determine clues for prevention.

There are many ways injuries can occur in a patient’s history:

Traumatic cause – a single clear traumatic event resulting in pain and injury, sprain, strain, fracture, rupture, subluxation, dislocation, from a force incurred by a velocity plus a body position and/or gravity and/or another object or vehicle.

Insidious cause – occurs when a pain or injury starts but the patient does not know how the injury started.  Do not be ashamed or surprised if this is your history as this is a common comment in the Physiotherapy office at assessment.  At times, a patient may not know why pain has started

Chronic – The current definition of chronic pain is any pain that lasts three months or longer.  These are also a common group of people seen in Physiotherapy by our Physiotherapists.  Often patients seek out help when the pain is just not going away (!).  This is a wonderful time to seek out a Physiotherapist for orthopaedic injury.  You will be glad that you did!

Physiotherapists are university trained detectives assessing each individuals biomechanical features, keen observations through subjective and objective assessment.  It can be beneficial to see a Physiotherapist even if you don’t have pain.  To consult on prevention or assess your specific biomechanical pattern(s).

Physiotherapy consists of a broad-based all encompassing approach to each person, as a unique individual make up, including factors making up the individual in light of their God given body mechanics and their unique environmental scenarios at home and in their workplace and/or hobbies.  All of these factors are incorporated into their rehabilitation plan for Physiotherapy.

Even though each athlete may be playing the same sport, each worker may be sitting at a desk/office, it never fails that each and every individual has a unique set of priorities of posutres, exercises, load education, pain education, pathophysiology education, strengths and weaknesses in their alignment in which a Physiotherapist is an expert at revealing to them to enhance their performance, abolish or decrease and prevent their pain.


As always we are here to provide Physiotherapy services to the people of East Gwillimbury, Newmarket, Bradford, Holland Landing, Sharon, Queensville, Aurora and the surrounding York Region.

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