What gets you moving? our Physiotherapists want to hear your stories

Written by Melanie

East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy is interested to hear how the members of our community all around Newmarket, East Gwillimbury and York Region are getting motivated to get moving.

Recently this blog came across my desk discussing a cool gizmos that tracks daily activity and could motivate individuals to increase their activity.  This gadget is more than just a pedometer because it also gives you data that you upload to your computer with your daily activity levels as you moved throughout that day.  This visual presentation on your computer of your activity level throughout the day gives you valuable information that you may otherwise not have been aware of and may give you some thoughts on how you could increase activity in various portions of your day.

East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy would like to hear if you have any gadgets that motivate you to get moving?  Or stories about getting active?

Write in to info@egphysiotherapy.com

Check out this video from Margaret Martin Registered Physiotherapist from melioguide.com on what she thinks about the Tractivity sensor.

We are not affiliated with Melioguide and do not benefit in any way from the sale of this device.

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