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By Melanie Konje, Registered Physiotherapist, RCAMT, MCPA

Flags will soon be mounted proudly to cheer on our country’s World Cup Soccer team. And locally, East Gwillimbury Rep and House League Soccer teams are raring to go as well. Go Team!!

If all this Soccer fever has got you in the Soccer mood to improve your game. Please try these regimens to enhance your soccer performance and prevent injury at the same time. For optimal results your regimen should be practiced three times per week.

The ACL Prevention Program

PEP Program

A good regime should include:

  1. General light activity
  2. Stretching
  3. Strengthening drills
  4. Plyometric drills (rapid stretch and then contraction of the same muscle group; improves power.)
  5. Sport specific drills

Please remember to check with your Physiotherapist and General Physician before starting any exercise regime to ensure that it is appropriate for you.