Neck pain treatment in Newmarket

Written by Melanie

Physiotherapists at Newmarket East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy have over 15 years experience helping individuals with neck pain and associated symptoms.   Relief is close at hand.

Neck pain is a very treatable condition.  There are numerable reasons for neck pain and requires an indepth assessment and discussion.  Neck pain can be associated with joint and nerve dysfunction.  The multiple surrounding myofascial structures, or muscles also play an important role.

Neck pain can also be associated with pins and needles or numbness.  At this point it is very important to seek help from a registered Physiotherapist immediately.  Physiotherapists are primary care practitioners so unless your insurance requires a referral for coverage.  You can come in directly to a Physiotherapist for immediate help.

There are 7 boney vertebrae in your cervical spine (neck) and 8 cervical nerves in the neck.  The nerves exit between the bones to innervate your neck, shoulders, arms and hands.

Sometimes the neck can be the source of shoulder pain, elbow pain or pins and needles and/or numbness in your hands.

Neck pain can be caused from a traumatic incident like a car accident, from a hit to the head, from a sports injury or from a repetitive strain injury or longstanding postural issue.  The Physiotherapists at Newmarket EG Physiotherapy work together with you to determine your goals for treatment and to determine possible triggers for your neck pain, if not immediately apparent, from an acute traumatic injury.

We are passionate about helping and caring for those with pain and injury and we ensure that we have enough time in our schedule to give you appropriate and deserved attention.

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