Lower back pain Physiotherapy in Newmarket

Written by Melanie

Low back pain and injury is a common and treatable condition.  Physiotherapy is your best and safest option for treatment.  The back is central, literally, to our stability and can affect the body regions
above in the upper quadrant of the body and below in the lower quadrant.


Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of sources:

  • A one time traumatic incidence,
  • a long term postural adaptation,
  • and/or micro injuries little by little along our life’s way.
  • (and other non orthopaedic causes)


There is often more than one contributing factor to back pain.


The physiology causing the lower back pain is also often varied.  It can be:

  • the disc impinging a nerve,
  • local inflammation irritating the nerve,
  • a joint mechanic that is not functioning properly causing stress on the lumbar joint unit and irritation to the nerve,
  • it can also be chronic scarring on the dural structures surround the lumbar joint unit from previous injury,
  • lumbar vertebral fracture,
  • it can be a ligament sprain,
  • or less commonly a back muscle strain


More commonly than not, it is a combination of two or more of the above and please note that the above  list is not exhaustive and only includes the orthopaedic causes within normal systemic health.


A Physiotherapist is a university trained profession that has been trained in normal and abnormal pathology that may affect injury and pain to parts of the body and is educated in incorporating these different health and alignment and lifestyle factors to make a treatment plan to eliminate or alleviate your lower back pain.


Physiotherapists are also trained to assess how your lower back pain is affecting satellite regions of your body or vice versa.


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