Best Physiotherapy in Newmarket? Is there a best?

Written by Melanie

What questions would clarify your choice to find the best Physiotherapy treatment facility for Physiotherapy in Newmarket or East Gwillimbury?  How do you know which Physiotherapist will be the best choice for treatment of your injury?

Each individual will have different criteria for choosing the best Physiotherapist for their needs.

Here are eight questions to consider when looking for the best Physiotherapist or best Physiotherapy treatment for you!


1. Are they a regulated health professional?

Physiotherapists are a regulated by the College of Physiotherapists under the Regulated Health Professionals Act. This means that Physiotherapists must maintain ongoing education to ensure safe and quality care to the public and adhere to a code of ethics set out by our regulatory body.  Legally only individuals with a Masters of Physiotherapy (or Bachelors before 2002) and who have passed their liscensing evaluation and are regulated by the College of Physiotherapists can call themselves Physiotherapist practising Physiotherapy.  The terms Physical Therapy, Physiotherapy, Physiotherapist and Physical Therapist are protected labels for liscensed and regulated Physiotherapy professionals.  Businesses claiming to be delivering ‘ Physiotherapy ‘ without a liscensed Physiotherapist on staff are breaking the law and can be reported to the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

Physiotherapists have proven to be very intelligent, well respected, primary and safe practitioners in the health care field.

2. Who owns the Clinic where Physiotherapy services are being provided?

As mentioned above Physiotherapists are closely regulated professional held and trained in a high standard to achieve best practices in client care.  Physiotherapists are regulated not only in their delivery of service but also there is a code of ethics, scope of practice and mandatory guidelines with regards to their billing practices, maintenance of equipment, storage of personal health data for the maintenance of safe storage of the physical file and information on each patient, advertising, marketing practices and infection control which legally hold the Physiotherapist responsible to uphold best practices.

Physiotherapists are also mandated only to deliver care that is actually needed and are not permitted to continue treating when care from a Physiotherapist is no longer assessed as needed.  East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy is a sole proprietorship 100% Physiotherapist owned.

3. Is your Physiotherapist experienced and pursuing their post graduate education courses?

You want to look for a Physiotherapist that is experienced and has a good reputation. Don’t be afraid to ask before you book an appointment. Some Physiotherapists, including Melanie Konje at East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy, are Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapists, an internationally recognized body for excellence in physiotherapy practice.

4. Is the location and hours of the clinic convenient?

When you choose a clinic for Physiotherapy treatment, you will attend an initial assessment however, in most cases there is also a need to return to treat your injury over a number of Physiotherapy treatment sessions. The Physiotherapy clinic location will help you comply with your plan of care set out by the Physiotherapist.  You may prefer the Physiotherapy clinic be near by your work or home and/or if the clinic is not near you, are you willing and able to travel to the Physiotherapy clinic location?  And secondly check that the hours are convenient for your schedule. Every Physiotherapist has a schedule of hours, if you want to see one practitioner to lead your Physiotherapy care (this would be recommended for continuity) then their hours have to match up with your schedule as well.  Our Newmarket location has free parking and is located in the heart of Newmarket near the corner of Main and Davis.  Please call to check if the hours of our Physiotherapists will work for your schedule!  As always when you can comply with your Physiotherapists plan the better your treatment outcome!

5. How will the fees per session be payed for? And how long do I need to come?

Physiotherapy treatment is covered by extended health benefits such as employer plans, Blue Cross, Veterans Affairs, Motor Vehicle Accident insurance (if you have been in a car accident) or WSIB (if you have sustained a workers injury).  Treatment length varies, dependent on your condition, and needs. We advise you to check your coverage to plan your Physiotherapy treatment needs as necessary.  We’ll work with you to plan treatment that fits your budget and treatment needs.

6.  Does the Physiotherapy clinic prioritise sufficient time with the Physiotherapist?

As a young Physiotherapist, I practised in a few clinics that saw three patients per hour.  There are some Physiotherapy clinics that may even double book, to push the number of patients that they can fit into each hour.  Perhaps their priority is income to the clinic rather than quality Physiotherapy care and best practices for treatment and assessment.  The Physiotherapist needs sufficient time to assess, treat and reassess each visit ensuring that the patient’s care is progressing as well, or better than was planned.  And also, to refer as appropriate if Physiotherapy treatment goals are not being met as expected, or if  ‘ red flags ‘ appear in the assessment process.  Physiotherapists require time to keep delivering care of patient injury to eliminate pain and attain Physiotherapy goals set in place by the patient and Physiotherapist as a partnership.  As a mature Physiotherapist I see two patients per hour to ensure that each patient is not getting diluted care, and experiencing the full benefits of Physiotherapy rather than being shuttled to support staff such as athletic therapists, kinesiologists, physiotherapy assistants or volunteers, when it is not appropriate due to time or income restraints of the clinic.

7.  Does the Clinic promote prevention, education and empowerment of the individual for sustained recovery?

At East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy Newmarket our vision is to empower and educate the individual patient about their injury and examine the clues in the mode of onset of the injury, and their every day life and activities that may have either: one, lead to the injury and/or two, are facilitating ongoing pain due to load that their injured area cannot sustain, and thus continuing the cycle of inflammation and pain.  In this approach, our Physiotherapists best educate our patients on: postures, load activity management, awakening their consciousness to movement, exercises to progress injury load tolerance and/or healing that they can do on their home and most importantly discussing ways that they can realistically sustain the exercise recommendation, pain modulation techniques and advice on their use.  This in clinic is paired with manual therapy treatment and explanation thereof to correct biomechanical/mechanical dysfunction, targeted soft tissue massage and release in most appropriate areas to relieve stress, load and/or pain of the injury, and at times the Physiotherapists trained and rostered for manipulation, may use this technique as well provided the client has clearly consented with written and verbal consent following an educational discussion on risks and benefits of the manipulation.

8.  Does the Physiotherapist have the expertise for your needs?

In orthopaedic injury all new graduate Physios are given a standard of education to treat mostly all of these injuries.  The level of effectiveness and speed of recovery will improve (as shown in the research) with a Physiotherapist who has trained in post graduate manual therapy courses and has attained their diploma as a Fellow of the Canadian Manual and Manipulative Physical Therapists (FCAMPT).  And internally certified accreditation.  These Physiotherapists will better handle ‘straight forward’ cases as well as complex or chronic cases.

Second to orthopaedic injury there are subsection specialised therapy for concussion, pelvic floor rehabilitation, dizziness and balance/vestibular rehabilitation, and acupuncture.  That are sub specialties for which you want to investigate the post graduate training that the Physiotherapist has had before booking an assessment.

Thirdly,  individuals that have under gone lymph node removal and have an orthopaedic injury or pain would be best suited to pursue treatment with a Physiotherapist that is fully certified in Combined Decongestive Physiotherapy.

At East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy  we have Physiotherapists specially trained in Lymphedema management / Combined Decongestive Physiotherapy, acupuncture, Vestibular Rehabilitation, and FCAMPT designation,

So depending on your individual complaint or question or issue the Physiotherapist may change as well.

9.  Patient Reviews

How much weight should be given to reviews?  This is a tough question, reviews are so anonymous these days and written for a great number of motivations, it is hard to quantify how much weight should be given to a good, or a bad review for that matter.  As a consumer, even knowing that people write reviews for different reasons, good or bad I find it difficult not to put some weight to the reviews posted.  I suppose carefully reading the reviews is important, using your available judgement to sniff out the validity.  I would be suspicious of a place with over 110,  5 star reviews and 1 or no poor reviews.  Perhaps in this case the poor reviews will give you more information.  Chances the clinics with the disproportionate 5 star reviews have a great system in place for acquiring a perfect score and likely a questionable method.  I think the reality is that not everyone is going to be perfectly happy all the time.  Remember that as a business on the internet the reviews are so substantial for rating well on internet searches that it can be used as a good tactic to acquire new patient calls.  However, in finding the best fit for you (to make an honest good review in the end of your Physiotherapy treatment, with the goal of a good outcome!) do so by considering some of the above suggestions in #1-8 before considering the reviews as your first mode of action to pick up your cell phone and attempting to find that winning Physiotherapy clinic.  You may want to take the reviews as a last resort to deciding between two places.

In conclusion there isn’t one best Physiotherapist for all.  But I hope that you find the best Physiotherapist and the best Physiotherapy clinic for you!