Temporary Orthotics

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Newmarket and Holland Landing location

East Gwillimbury Physiotherapy is providing a service for individual’s to trial a temporary orthotic at a low cost of approximately $20 plus the cost of the Physiotherapy assessment.

Temporary Orthotics

Sometimes an orthotic is only necessary during the healing phase of an acute or chronic tendonitis,

Who can benefit?

Individuals with:

  • Acute or chronic tendonitis in the lower leg, knee and ankle/foot region
  • pain during running
  • Pain in the back and/or buttock
  • Pain in the hip region
  • Individuals with a non structural leg length difference.

A temporary orthotic can also assist an individual in deciding to invest in a permanent orthotic.

The Physiotherapist will assess the reason for the biomechanical loss leading to an orthotic consultation and then give their recommendation on whether an orthotic is necessary, whether a temporary orthotic will do the trick or whether you should go for a permanent orthotic.  You will also benefit from the added biomechanical perspective a Physiotherapist will offer you regardless of whether you are currently experiencing pain or concern and will receive advice on how to improve your biomechanics separately from the orthotic.